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Association Internationale des Bibliothèques, Archives et Centres de Documentation Musicaux International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres Internationale Vereinigung der Musikbibliotheken, Musikarchive und Musikdokumentationszentren

National Meetings and International Conferences

As a result of cooperation between IAML-US and MLA, IAML and IAML-US news is disseminated in the MLA Newsletter, in addition to this website. IAML-US holds an annual business meeting during the MLA national conference.

IAML-US has hosted IAML conferences in New York, NY / Washington, DC (1968) and again later in Washington, DC (1983). The most recent annual conference sponsored by IAML-US convened in Berkeley, CA (2002). IAML-US looks forward to hosting again in New York, NY (2015).

2000 United Kingdom, Edinburgh, 6-11 August
2001 France, Périgueux, 8-13 July
2002 USA, Berkeley, 4-9 August
2003 Estonia, Tallinn, 6-11 July
2004 Norway, Oslo, 8-13 August
2005 Poland, Warsaw, 10-15 July
2006 Sweden, Göteborg, 18-23 June
2007 Australia, Sydney, 1-6 July
2008 Italy, Naples, 20-25 July
2009 Netherlands, Amsterdam, 5-10 July
2010 Russia, Moscow
2011 Ireland, Dublin
2012 Canada, Montreal
2013 Denmark, Århus
2014 Austria, Vienna
2015 USA, New York

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